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Have you been wondering if DNA testing is for you ?


First of all, there is no blood involved, just a swipe to the inside of your cheek is all it takes.

Why should we use DNA.


Males retain their ‘Y' Chromosome from father to son, that is, your son has the same Y-DNA as your great great grandfather and all before and after him.


Women can do their MtDNA, however, it will report your mothers DNA and her mothers DNA and her mothers DNA and so on and so forth.


How big is the DNA testing system. (as at July 2007)

At ‘family Tree DNA' they have 4168 Surname projects covering 65288 Surnames.

Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone is under one such project.


100722 Y-DNA records

24278 12 marker Haplogroups

33595 25 marker Haplogroups

29719 37 marker Haplogroups

51286 MtDNA records


Want to know more?


Go to www


Click on pricing. The one we recommend you select is Y DNA 37


You can then click on KIT and have a look at the kit you will receive. (There are other pages at this site that will explain in more detail)


The thing you should remember is DO NOT TOUCH the little brushes with your fingers as you might pick up something from your hands that is not your DNA. You then wipe the inside of your left cheek for one minute and put the first brush in the soapy solution bottle,(Leave the solution in the bottle) you then do the same to the other cheek. The holder that the brush is on comes off and you throw the handles in the rubbish. You then send the sample bottles back to the USA in the provided bag.


OK, you are now ready to order your kit.


On the RH side of the computer page you will find ORDER NOW , which will take you to DNA Kit Orders and you should fill in everything. At ‘Type of Test' you should select Y-DNA 37 (or your choice).


Click on Continue and fill in your credit card details. You will be then asked about ‘Y' search and you should say yes and you will get an ID number and select a password.


Your Kit number and password will come to you via email straight away. Note; you will wind up with two numbers and two passwords.


After you send your samples back to the USA it will take about 2-3 months before you get your results and then you can order a certificate if you want one.


At the web site there is all the information you require and even a video you can watch.

Shortly after your results reach ‘Y search', you will start receiving results and matches to others in the world that are related to you. You then correspond with these people and start sharing information.


I hope this is not all too confusing.

Please note; If you do order your test, please advise the Secretary so that your records can be added to our database.

Another interesting site on this subject is:

Geneaology DNA Testing
You can now use the same DNA testing anthropologists use to study human history, to study your own.

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