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About Us

What the Clan does and Things you need to know


Our Chief is:
The Rt Hon. Earl of Annandale & Hartfell
Patrick Andrew Wentworth Hope Johnstone of Annandale and of that Ilk


Clans are present in:

America and Canada , Great Britain (UK), Australia and New Zealand


Each Country has a Chief Commissioner responsible to the Chief.


In Australia the following persons are responsible to the Chief Commissioner:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Genealogical Officer
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Archives Officer and others.
  • Commissioner and Conveners in various States
  • Executive Committee (5 Office Bearers)

(Please refer to the inside back cover of your newsletter for the names and addresses of the above mentioned positions.)


All members are volunteers elected at the AGM and no member receives any remuneration.

The Clan has a Constitution which is available on request from the Clan Secretary.

The Newsletter is produced 4 times a year: March, June, September, and December.

Newsletter input is due with the Editor by the end of the following months: January, April, July, and October.


Your contributions to the newsletter are very welcome.


All membership subscriptions are due with the Secretary on or before the 1 st of April each year. Your membership number and current financial situation can be found above your address on your newsletter envelope. (Please allow one month overlap during printing)

Non financial members will receive a reminder in September.


Please use you membership number on all correspondence.


Donations to the Clan are always appreciated as we find that annual subscriptions only pay for the Newsletter production and overheads.


Clan Fund Raisers include raffles, the Clan Handbook, metal and cloth badges, caps and shirts, coffee mugs, mouse mats, etc. (see your newsletter).


The Clan has a Web Site at: with links to other Clan Johnston/e websites and sites of interest. As well as a facebook page.


The Genealogical Officer has a very large electronic database of members and Australasian records called ‘Clandata'. You are encouraged to submit your family records to this project to assist all members in their family history research. The aim of ‘Clandata' is to put members in touch with other members and information found in Australian archives.


Meetings: Our largest gathering each and every year is held at Glen Innes in the NSW New England Tablelands, (home of the Australian Standing Stones) during the Celtic Festival, held over the Celtic Mayday weekend (first weekend in May).


The Commissioners in the various states organise gatherings from time to time (please refer to your newsletter for details).


The Clan has Public Liability insurance allowing us to hold our own gatherings and to join in other organised events.


We welcome you to Clan Johnston/e and encourage members who would like to become involved in the committee to contact the Chief Commissioner or the Secretary.

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